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We offer a full wedding alteration service, including your wedding dress & train, bridesmaids dresses, groomsmens suits, mothers & fathers of the bride/groom outfits, and eveningwear...


With over 30 years experience in the Tailoring Industry, our Tailors are highly skilled, offering a Professional Wedding Dress Alteration Service...

We're always happy to meet you, to discus your wedding alteration requirements and advise the best way to achieve your desired outcome.

I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman.
~ Vera Wang

Sew & Sew is proud to provide a full range of wedding dress alterations, from complicated works to simple and straight forward. This involves taking in, shortening, reshaping of the train and doing our best in whatever way we can to ensure your wedding dress fits perfectly on your special day. With our long-term alteration experience, any bridal requirements or concerns you may have will certainly be solved at Sew & Sew. We are able to provide whatever help you need, regardless of where your bridal gown is originally from: a department store, a bridal boutique or inherited. You should also know we offer alteration services concerning all other wedding-associated needs as well. This includes bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen suits, and any other outfits concerning the bridal party in need of alteration or repair.
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A few helpful Wedding FAQs...

When should I arrange my first Wedding Fitting?

Being able to ensure your bridal gown is that perfect fit may not always be possible in one fitting. Therefore, it is best to ideally come in for your first fitting as early as possible, once you have the dress, and then we can schedule any other fittings necessary. This should be ideally a minimum of 2 to 3 months before the wedding. Depending on the amount of alterations needed and the complications they may introduce, it is always best to give the process as much time as possible in order to get your dress to that perfect desired fit.

We also do encourage another fitting as close to the wedding date as possible in order to triple-check that everything fits perfectly, you’re happy, and there aren’t any surprises concerning the fitting or the style preferred.

What should I bring to my Wedding Fitting?

When you’re ready to make your first booking, make sure you bring in the shoes (or closest equivalent to the style and height) or undergarments you will be wearing on the day to ensure everything measured sits just as well as on the day. We also encourage brides to bring in any specific accessories that may alter the look of the dress (e.g. the veil). This will help you to envision your final look much more accurately, and help us better understand what it is you’re looking for and how to help you get there.

How long does it take to alter my wedding dress?

It depends. The complexity and amount of alteration required is what determines the length of time we will require. The alteration can start at 2 weeks up to a month or so. This timing also counts for any other bridal party alterations.

How much will it cost to alter my wedding dress?

Prices concerning wedding dresses vary greatly because every wedding dress and body type is different. When you come for your first fitting, we will clarify prices with you, offer you any discounts available and talk about what is possible and what the final dress will look like. This also counts for any other bridal party alterations.

How long do the fittings take?

The booked session can range from a quick 15-20 minute fitting of pinning the length for example, to maximum a 40 minute session of discussing options if there are complications or working toward more than one major alteration.

Do I need to schedule an appointment or can I just walk in?

Even though we do walk-ins at Sew & Sew, when it comes to wedding events or any special event in general, it is always best to book an appointment. You can do so online, or call in. This will ensure we can give you our full attention and perform our best efforts to give you what you’re looking for.

Do you steam the dress?

Unfortunately, we do not steam the dress or any wedding outfits. We are solely an alterations shop. However, if you ask we can give your our best recommendations for a nearby dry-cleaners who will take good care of you.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you! 

Wedding Dress Fittings & Wedding Alterations

We look forward to welcoming you for your Wedding Dress Fitting or other Wedding Alteration appointments. Please let us know if you'd like to attend with your bridesmaids, mothers/fathers of the bride & groom, groomsmen, or any other friends and family.

Comments from Our Clients…

Testimonial 1

"I use Sew & Sew regularly for my alterations and they never fail to disappoint. They are very professional and helpful, and the best in what they do.
I couldn’t be happier with my most recent dress alteration.
Thank you for all your help always!"
- Tasha C.

Testimonial 2

“I wouldn’t take my alterations anywhere else. I’ve been coming to Sew & Sew for many years and trust Mariana completely.”
- Zelpha C.

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